Pipe filters

The filters can be supplied in a configuration according to the customer's wishes and needs. It is possible to customize, for example:

  • Filter material
  • Size and type of flanges (including the possibility of sanitary connection using clamps)
  • Strainer material and opening size
  • Addition of a drain valve

The technical specification, temperature and pressure resistance, etc. depends on the chosen material and configuration and is therefore always individually determined.

Metal pipe filter containing a stainless steel screen with selectable mesh size designed primarily for coarse filtration.

These filters find their application where high flow rates of filtered liquid are required while minimizing interference with existing piping and saving space.
They are suitable as a first stage of filtration to ensure the removal of coarse mechanical impurities from water or other filtered liquids, thus extending the life of finer filters.

If you are interested in a specific quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will also be happy to assist you with the selection of the appropriate material and filter throughput.