Filter cartridges

Wound filter cartridges

A popular economical solution for applications where the nominal filter efficiency is sufficient. The filter candle consists of a solid core around which a filament is wound. The strength of the winding then determines the resulting filter throughput.

Wound cartridges are supplied as standard with open ends, if desired it is possible to add end caps.

The filters are used in metal surface treatment processes, in drinking water filtration or as a pre-filter.

Core material: Polypropylene, stainless steel

Yarn material: Polypropylene, cotton, glassfiber

Meltblown filter cartridges

The filters are made of melted polypropylene without the use of adhesives or other additives. This makes them suitable for food processing and other delicate applications.

Due to the gradually decreasing pore size, these filters are also suitable for applications where mechanical contaminants with different particle sizes need to be removed.

The 100% polypropylene design ensures high chemical resistance.

Pleated filter cartridges

The multi-layer pleated material provides a high filtration area for these filters, which helps to ensure the highest possible flow rate while maintaining low pressure drop.

In addition to polypropylene, the filter material can also be glass fibre, PES or PTFE depending on the target application and filtration efficiency.

Thanks to the rigid construction with internal and external support, the filters can be cleaned and used repeatedly.

Suitable for use in laboratories, food processing, pharmaceuticals or as a final filter before a reverse osmosis membrane.

Avaiable filter lenght: 10, 20, 30, 40"

Standard outer diameter: 65mm (115mm diameter version available for 10" and 20" lengths)