Dedusting bags

Filter bags are designed for dust removal in industrial and food processing applications. They are supplied in diameters and lengths according to customer requirements.

The bags can be fitted with a solid ring, a seamed hem or a snap ring for fixing in the board.

Different material weights are available, as well as anti-static or moist environment finishes.

Filter cartridges

Thanks to the pleated material, the cartridges offer a higher filtration area compared to standard filter bags, which is reflected in a longer service life and service interval.

Cartridges can be manufactured in sizes and designs to customer specifications, including the offer of suitable replacements for currently used filters.

It is also possible to offer cartridges in antistatic design, with treatment for humid environments or with higher temperature resistance.

Fancoil filters

Simple, lightweight and economical solution for the removal of coarse dust particles. This type of filter is used in air conditioning units within residential and office spaces.

It is possible to add a filter sleeve alone or a complete filter including a metal frame.